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What Is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting, also referred to as urethane casting, is a budget-friendly solution for low-volume plastic part production. This process closely mimics final molded parts or finished products. Typically, silicone rubber molds are utilized, created by CNC machining or an SLA part acting as a master pattern. These molds effortlessly replicate intricate details and textures, ensuring a uniform finish across each part. The results produced are similar to those of production, including mechanical properties, wall thickness, colors, and surface finishes. With vacuum casting, you can get consistent and accurate production-like results for your small batch functional parts.

Advantages of Vacuum Casting

Our vacuum casting service offers a low-cost solution for creating high-quality prototypes and low volumes of parts. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming metal tooling as our cheap silicone molds can produce cast urethane parts efficiently.

With our fast delivery, you can receive up to 50 functional cast urethane parts in just 10 to 15 days.

Our casting resins provide a wide selection of materials, ranging from soft and flexible to rigid and impact-resistant, as well as colored and clear options.

Precision is a top priority with our vacuum casting process, resulting in end-use parts of high accuracy and detailed quality similar to production-level standards.

One of the major advantages of our vacuum casting is the excellent surface finish it provides. With the ability to replicate intricate details and textures, the surface textures of our urethane casting surpass those of CNC prototyping or 3D printing.

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Materials Used

We understand that the quality of materials used in manufacturing directly affects the quality of the final product.

That’s why we use only the best materials available in the market.


This is a versatile material that can be used to create parts with a wide range of properties, including hardness, flexibility, and impact resistance. It is often used in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods industries.


silicon mold material


This material is often used to create parts that require high flexibility and elasticity, such as seals and gaskets. It is also used in the medical and consumer goods industries.


This includes materials such as photopolymer resin, which is cured using ultraviolet light.

How Vacuum Casting Works

The vacuum casting process has three steps: master pattern, molding, and casting.

Master Pattern Tooling

The quality of your cast urethane parts heavily relies on the quality of the master pattern used. For parts that require tight tolerances, glossy finishes, or optical clarity, we recommend using a CNC machined master pattern. However, for more complex shapes and structures, we may suggest using a SLA master pattern.
At our facility, we also offer painting services to give your parts the desired texture or satin effect, which can accurately simulate the final mold texture of your product. By using silicone molds to copy the details and textures of the original master, your cast urethane parts will come out looking just like the master without any additional surface finishing required.

Silicone Mold Tooling

Casting molds, also known as RTV molds, are made of liquid silicone resin. Silicone rubber is an excellent material for mold making due to its chemical stability, self-releasing properties, and flexibility, which allow for minimal shrinkage and effective replication of fine details from the master to the mold. The mold making process begins by pasting tape around the master in a flat position to serve as the parting surface of the final mold. The master is then suspended in a casting box and plastic rods are used to set gates and vents.
Next, liquid silicone is poured around the master, and any air is removed to create a vacuum chamber to ensure the master mold is free of air bubbles. The liquid material is then cured in an oven at a temperature of 40℃, which typically takes 8-16 hours, depending on the mold's volume.
After the silicone rubber is cured, the casting box is cut open, and the master model is removed from the silicone to create an empty cavity, resulting in the final silicone mold.

Casting Process

Our standardized operational procedures ensure that vacuum casting technicians have accurate part replication and consistent mechanical properties. These experts can control all operational parameters, such as mixing, de-gassing, stirring, preheating, casting, and de-molding, resulting in nearly perfect copies of the master pattern being created. The manufacturing process of vacuum casting parts includes the following steps:
First, the silicone mold is preheated to 60-70°C in the oven.
Choosing a suitable release agent is essential before closing the mold, and its correct usage can prevent stickiness and surface defects.
The polyurethane resins are prepared and preheated to approximately 40°C before use. The two-component casting resins are mixed in exact proportions and fully stirred and degassed for 50-60 seconds under vacuum to avoid air pockets or bubbles.
The resin is poured into the mold inside the vacuum chamber under computer control and is cured again in the oven. The average curing time is 1-3 hours for small parts and 3-6 hours for large parts.
After curing, the casting part is removed from the silicone mold, and the vacuum casting work cycle is ready to be repeated.

Common Question

Asked Questions

The cost of vacuum casting can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the part, the quantity of parts needed, the type of materials used, and the required finish. Please contact us and provide the specific details about your project to get an accurate quote.

We offer a standard tolerance of ±0.15mm/100mm, and for those requiring the utmost precision, our services can achieve a tolerance as low as ±0.05mm.

To ensure proper mold filling, we recommend a minimum wall thickness of 0.5mm and a preferable range of 1.5mm to 2.5mm for the best results.

Our molds typically produce up to 20-25 copies of a part, but for high-quality parts with complex or clear structures, the typical quantity is reduced to 12 or even 10 casting parts per mold.

Depending on the complexity and volume of the mold, we can produce up to 50 copies within 7 to 10 days.


Industries Applied

Our services are the backbone of innovation, powering the world’s most advanced products and systems.

From the medical field to the automotive, our vacuum casting is an essential component of modern manufacturing.

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